my journey of finding photography

the past: once upon a time...

i was at high school when i started photography;
i got my own SLR and a 50mm f/1.8.
but it didn't last long, soon i realized that it really
doesn't fit my budget as a high school student;
so finally i chose to gave up photography.

the past: not too far from the present
one day in the middle of year 2002,
my girlfriend brought back a nikon FM2N.
the time i got my grip upon it, i started to 'fall in love' with it.
it's a solid metal camera, simple but yet it's powerful and has
a lot of flexibilty and freedom.
... just imagine ...
the nikon FM2N is capable to take pictures at 1/4000secs,
even without any battery! this means it will survive in any weather!

the present:
now i'm getting more and more serious doing photography.
i've spent most of my money that i earn for photography.
not to mention my time, mind and energy...

the future:
i don't have any plan to move to professional photographer, not yet.
probably someday... i will...

singapore, october 2003